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  • NordVPN



    • Based in  Panama
    • VPN Disconnect Protection 

    • Tor Over VPN 


    • Pricing from $2.95/month on the 3-year deal
    • Accepts: Credit Cards, Bitcoin, PayPal
    • Money Back Guarantee (30 days)
    • No Logs Policy 
    • Unlimited Bandwidth 
    • Simultaneous Connections (up to 6 devices)
    • Military-grade encryption (2048-bit)
    • Double Data Encryption 
    • Windows App 
    • MacOS App 
    • iOS App (Download)
    • Android App (Download)
    • Google Chrome Extention 
    • Firefox Add-on 
    • Dynamic IPs 
    • Static IPs 
    • Dedicated IP 
    • Kill Switch 
    • DNS Leak Protection 
    • IPv6 Leak Protection 
    • P2P/Torrent Support 
    • SmartDNS (150+ channels)
    • Protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec
    • Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android
    • PGP Key Available 
    • 24/7 Customer Support 


  • ibVPN

    VPN, SmartDNS & Proxy


    • Based in  Romania
    • VPN Disconnect Protection 


    • Pricing from $3.08/month
    • Accepts: Bitcoin, Credit Cards, PerfectMoney, Payza, OKPay, SMS, Webmoney
    • Free Plan (limited)
    • Free Trial (6 hours)
    • Money Back Guarantee (15 days)
    • No Logs Policy 
    • Unlimited Bandwidth 
    • Simultaneous Connections (3+)
    • Windows App 
    • MacOS App 
    • iOS App (Download)
    • SmartDNS iOS App (Download)
    • Android App (Download)
    • Google Chrome Extention (Install)
    • Dynamic IPs (2,000+)
    • Static IPs 
    • Dedicated IP (upon request)
    • NAT Firewall 
    • Kill Switch 
    • DNS Leak Protection 
    • P2P/Torrent Support (on selected servers)
    • SmartDNS (350+ channels)
    • Protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, SSTP
    • Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android
    • 24/7 Customer Support 


  • PureVPN

    VPN & SmartDNS


    • Based in  Hong Kong
    • VPN Disconnect Protection 


    • Pricing from $2.08/month
    • Accepts: Bitcoin, Credit Cards, CashU, PayPal, AliPay, Gift Cards, Webmoney
    • Money Back Guarantee (7 days)
    • No Logs Policy 
    • Unlimited Bandwidth 
    • Simultaneous Connections (up to 5)
    • Windows App 
    • MacOS App 
    • iOS App (Download)
    • Android App (Download)
    • Dynamic IPs (80,000+)
    • Dedicated IP (addon)
    • NAT Firewall (addon)
    • Split Tunneling 
    • Kill Switch 
    • DNS Leak Protection 
    • IPv6 Leak Protection 
    • Port Forwarding 
    • P2P/Torrent Support (on selected servers)
    • DDOS Protection (addon)
    • Protocols: PPPT, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN
    • Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android
    • 24/7 Customer Support 



Recommended readings


OpenVPN is a free and open source VPN application for creating point-to-point or server-to-multiclient encrypted tunnels between host computers. OpenVPN uses the OpenSSL library to provide encryption of both the data and control channels.

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What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it is generally used to create an encrypted channel/tunnel between two devices. There are plenty of use cases for VPN, but the main goal is to maintain the privacy and anonymity of an Internet connection.

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Best VPN

First of all, there is no such thing as generally accepted "best VPN". A service that works exceptionally for a user in Europe may, in the same time, fail to provide good connection for Asian users. But, there are "top VPN providers" that provide excellent service for most of the users around the World.

How to find the best VPN service for you? As all the providers listed here have money back guarantee policy and some of them even offer free trial, you may test them hassle free. Create an account and start your test.

Check the recommended services listed above.

Fastest VPN

Probably the most important feature of a VPN service is the speed. How fast can you download or browse while connected to a VPN server? That is a crucial criteria when choosing a VPN provider.

How can you find the fastest VPN? There is no bulletproof recipe. As the connection speed depends on a lot of factors (including some that are not related to the VPN provider, like your ISP connections or the load of the local network) you need to try several VPN services until you get the one that suits you well.

Tip: Create an account to one of the VPN services that offer free trial. It is FREE and you get a first hand experience with the service and its speed.

Free VPN

Free VPN is the generic keyword for all type of VPN accounts that are offered to users without payment, but, don't be fooled, they are never totally free.

Any VPN service requires VPN servers that are usually quite expensive. There is no way that someone can cover the running costs without getting some benefits.

Most of the free VPN services are running ads, sell the user data or, in the best case, promote premium accounts.

Tip: If you can not afford to purchase a premium account you should carefully read the terms of service of the free service before creating an account.

Is Free VPN Safe?

VPN services have important running costs that need to be covered somehow. Some of the free VPN providers are simply selling user data, others are targeting them with ads or even use their computers for redirecting other Internet traffic (take a look to the related news below for more details).

You should never assume that a free VPN provider does not spy on your data or benefits from it in any way!

Tip: If you take your online privacy and security seriously you should consider purchasing a premium account.


VPN applications running on iOS devices can be downloaded from the App Store. Simply go App Store and type vpn and you will get plenty of options both free and paid.

Tip: Check the reviews of the app. They are usually a fair indicator of the app quality.

Logless VPNs

Logless VPNs are those providers that are not keeping any information regarding the users activity.

Even if you may not be sure about what is going on behind the scene (on the server side) you should check the public info about the privacy and logging policy. Start from the provider site, but do not forget to also google search it. You may find useful info and reviews from previous users.

VPN Makers

VPN Makers is a VPN service that allows you access the internet without restrictions, bypassing blocks that prevent you from making calls from your PC using Skype, MSN and etc.

The service was established in 2011.

Main Features:

  • VPN server locations: US, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Sweden, Spain, Ukraine, Turkey
  • Free switch: Yes.
  • VPN protocol available: PPTP, L2TP, SSTP
  • IP addresses: Shared.
  • Transfer: Unlimited.
  • Payment methods: PerfectMoney

Is VPNMakers still available?

From what we can say, VPN Makers project looks abandoned. The blog was not updated from 2013 and the online chat is permanently offline. Also, the only payment option available when placing an order is Perfect Money.

Tip: Take this into account if you consider placing an order.


UK2 hosting provider also offers a VPN service with limited functionalities, but good performance. The advantage of such a service is that the provider own the server and offers the best possible speed.

Main features:

  • VPN server locations: US, UK, Netherlands, France, Singapore, Japan
  • Free switch: Yes.
  • IP addresses: Shared.
  • Transfer: Unlimited.
  • Price: 4.95/month

PureVPN Trial

PureVPN does not offer free trial, but you are protected by a 7-day money back policy.

Thus you are not able to test the service before making a purchase. However, if you are not happy with the quality of the service you have 7 days to ask for a refund.

Tip:If you want to benefit from a VPN trial you should take a look to ibVPN or HideIPVPN.

HideIPVPN Trial

HideIPVPN offers 1 day free trial with no speed or traffic limit, access to VPN, Smart DNS and Proxy services.

After the registration you will receive the login info by email and also the list of servers you are able to access during the free trial. Servers are located in US, UK, NL, DE, PL and FR using all protocols: SoftEther, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN and PPTP.

Important! You are allowed to register only one trial account.

Torrent VPN

Torrent, BitTorrent or P2P VPN usually refers to those VPN services that allow torrent traffic through their servers.

When downloading torrents the IPs of those involved in the file exchange are visible in the network and can be used to identify the users. By using a VPN service, the IP address is hidden and the traffic is encrypted.

A key feature for torrent friendly VPN services is Kill Switch that makes sure the Internet connection is dropped if an unexpected disconnect to the VPN server occurs.

Tips: How to torrent safely


123VPN is a free, ad-based, VPN app for iOS that can be used for protecting your privacy & security on public WiFi hotspots.

No registration is needed. The app is very simple to use, just choose the desired location and click Connect/Disconnect.

The available server locations are US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Finland, Sweden. Also you may select the Fastest server option.


TouchVPN is free iOS VPN app powered by Hotspot Shield.

It is ad-based and you may select the following locations: Germany, Russia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Denmark, Mexico, France, Ukraine, Singapore, Australia, Czeck Republic, UK, Ireland, United States, Netherlands, Turkey, Canada.

Access to faster servers is provided for paid users.

VPN Chrome Extensions

Usually promoted as VPN, Chrome extensions that change your IP address while browsing the Internet with Chrome are using proxies, not VPN.

Such extensions are very simple to use (just choose the location and connect) and they do what they are supposed to: change your visible IP to the one of the connected server. But, as they are using proxy technology the traffic is not encrypted. Also, only the browser (Chrome) is "protected", the other apps are using your regular IP address.

A VPN/Proxy Chrome extension is recommended to be used for unblocking geo-restricted websites, for getting unbanned (for example from Chatroullete) and not for privacy protection and anonymity.

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Openvpn Error Inactivity Timeout

When you are connected to a VPN server using OpenVPN you may sometimes get an inactivity timeout error. The error is due to the fact that OpenVPN checks whether the connection is still active. If the check fails OpenVPN tries to re-connect.

Inactivity timeout error should not occur if the OpenVPN is setup properly and the connection to the server is valid.

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Raspberry Pi VPN

Yes, you may connect to a VPN server from your Raspberry Pi device.

Take a look to the following tutorials:

Firefox 57 VPN/proxy addons

Most of the VPN/proxy addons that worked on previous versions of Firefox do no longer work on Firefox 57.

Several free VPN addons for Firefox 57 are:

  • Hotspot Shield
  • ibVPN
  • Browsec
You may read more here.

Mexican VPN

A Mexican/Mexico VPN is a VPN that you may use to get a Mexican IP address.

Firstly, you need to find a VPN provider that offers access to servers located in Mexico.

Secondly, subscribe to the service and download the VPN app.

Thirdly, connect to the Mexican VPN server.

Free Trial

Free trial represents the opportunity to test a service for period of time with no payment involved. Many VPN, SmartDNS and Proxy providers offer free trial accounts from several hours to days or even weeks.

Free trials are a good way to test the service quality. Sometimes the accounts are limited to certain features, but they provide a fair image of the premium accounts.

Tip: When you create a free trial you should also ask for support. The quality of support is, most of the time, proportionally with the overall quality of the service.

No Log and Log Keeping Policy

No log policy refers (or it should refer) to the fact that the VPN or proxy provider does not keep any information regarding the user activity.

Most of the VPN providers loudly advertise their no logging policy, but it does not always mean that they are not keeping logs at all. Information like time, date and location the connection was made, duration of the VPN connection, bandwidth used during the connection are usually logged.

Tip: If you are concerned about the information VPN providers keep about their users you should always check the Privacy Policy / Log Policy before creating an account.


Cryptocloud is a former VPN provider that is not available anymore.

What is PGP - Pretty Good Privacy?

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is an application used to encrypt and decrypt email over the Internet, and to authenticate messages with digital signatures and encrypted stored files. It can be used to encrypt text, files, emails, or entire disks.

PGP was developed by Philip R. Zimmermann in 1991 and has become a de facto standard for email security.

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How PGP works?

Pretty Good Privacy uses a public key system with an encryption key that is publicky available and know and a private key known only by the user.

Thus, the first step in using PGP is to create a public key and a private key.

A message that is sent to a certain user is encrypted with the public key of that user. When received, the message is decrypted by the receiver with the private key.

How to setup PGP?

In order to set up PGP on your device you need to install an app and create your PGP key. Here are the apps that we recommend:

How to get the most from a VPN discount?

In order to get the most from a promotion you may consider the longest plan that is discounted. Thus, you benefit from the volume discount plus the promo discount. Most of the time the annual plan is the most convenient.

The discounts listed on this page are from top services. Thus, the chances to be happy with the provided quality is maximized. Enjoy!

Kill Switch

Kil Switch is a fail safe mechanism that protects users connected to a VPN server from exposing their real IP address when an unexpected disconnect occurs. This is especially useful for those using a VPN while downloading torrents. If the connection to the VPN drops unexpectedly the user is suddenly exposed with the real IP address.

The most common implementation for kill switch is to cut off the Internet connection completely in case of VPN drop.

Another approach is to close selected apps (like Bittorrent clients) when the VPN disconnects.

Tip: Check the VPN providers that implement KillSwitch.

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Betternet is a popular ad-based iOS app that can be used to encrypt the traffic using VPN technology.

The VPN can be activated and deactivated by one tap. No registration or sign is needed.

There is no location selection (only in the paid version). The app connects to the closed server to your location.


Freedur is a former VPN service that was very popular in China until 2009. At some point the service was shut down due to internal problems between team members. They accused each other publicly of stealing client database and money from the company.

After a while, a part of the team launched a similar product called Skydur, later re-branded as Astrill.

What is Rule 41?

Rule 41 is a law that allows FBI and other U.S. agencies to obtain a warrant to hack into computers and other devices. And this is not restricted to US citizens or Internet users located in United States. It applies to virtually anyone in the World.

Further, a major amendment was recently proposed, a change that will allow FBI to hack Tor and VPN users without a warrant.

A lot of Internet related companies and institutions are fighting to Rule 41, including VPN providers like Private Internet Access and HideMyAss.

If approved by the U.S.Congress, Rule 41 will become a permanent law from December, 2016.

How can Rule 41 be stopped?

A coalition of tech entities leaded by EEF publicly opposes Rule 41. Tor, Google, PayPal and other companies have joined the fight.

You may contribute by:

  • Telling the US Congress to stop the changes to Rule 41.
  • Signing the petition here.
  • Let others know about this law.

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How to check if a website works in China?

Many websites are blocked in China and consequently a lot of apps are broken while using them in mainland China. You may find a list of the high-ranked sites that can not be accessed without VPN or proxy here.

If you are interested in your site you may check it on


Relakks is a VPN services that was launched in co-operation with the Swedish Pirate Party on the 14th of august 2006. The service is owned and operated by the Swedish company Trygghetsbolaget i Lund AB, founded in 2000.

There are no public information regarding the price and the only VPN protocol provided is PPTP.

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In order for you to understand how to set it up and how it is used, you need to understand how it works and why it is better than whatever else is out there. In order to understand what a SOCKS proxy is, you first need to understand what an HTTP proxy is.

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How to protect your IP address

Protecting your IP address is one aspect of protecting your identity. Securing it through these steps is one more way to stay safe against the wide variety of attack vectors cybercriminals are using today.

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