Hide-IP-Tools.com is a project that has the goal to present applications that can be used to protect your privacy and anonymity by changing the IP address. More than that, the tools are user-reviewed such that you can benefit from first-hand experiences.

The tools are grouped by:

  • Desktop Applications – tools that are installed on your computer and have a user interface that allows you to choose your fake IP address.
  • VPN Services – services that provide total online anonymity by using VPN technology.
  • Internet Explorer Toolbars – toolbars that configure Internet Explorer to use a certain proxy.
  • Firefox Add-ons – add-ons that can be used to switch proxies and change your IP address to the one of a proxy.
  • Web Proxies – sites that act as intermediates between you and the site you visit, thus hiding your IP.
  • Proxy Lists – sites that list proxies.
  • Free Hide IP Tools – all free hide IP tools are listed here.

We are continually adding new applications and services, so if you know about one that is not listed here please let us know. Thank you!

Hide-IP-Tools.com Team