AceVPN allows you to privately and securely surf and download on the internet without leaving a trace and/or being tracked. Ace VPN is the lowest cost VPN service provider allowing access to the gateway servers in multiple locations at no extra cost.


AceVPN features

  • Provides high security – Encrypts and compresses all traffic including DNS, VOIP, FTP, instant messengers, P2P, torrents, IRC
  • Hides your IP address such that you are able to access Hulu, Pandora,, etc
  • Hide your tracks from internet monitoring or web filtering
  • Works on Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, etc.


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  1. I wouldn’t trust this one, they can’t even add. Their web page says that they charge “$5/month” which is “1.5 cents per day”. $5 per month is actually ~17 cents per day. That 1.5cents a day thing is ALL over their site, and I can’t believe that they haven’t caught it yet — so either they’re hoping their users are stupid, or they’re purposely misleading people thinking about signing up.

    I think I’ll skip this one, thanks.

  2. I think the acevpn is better than others because it is very low price. So you can use this service.

    For more details


  3. Southern big deal, so a typo was made and if you divide $55 by 365 days you get 15 cents. Oh the humanity!!!!!!

    BTW, AceVPN has been very good and has excellent speeds for a VPN. Users of VPN should take some time to learn about MTU so that connection drops can be minimized. Great service at this time.