Anonine is a VPN service that helps you surf the net anonymously and secure. When the traffic passes through Anonine servers your IP address will be replaced by theirs, and it will be only their address that is visible on the internet.


Anonine main features:

  • Anonine does not store logs!
  • They do not request any personal information during purchase!
  • They offer stable and affordable service!
  • They provide a safe and secure service, independent of internet service provides and authorities.
  • They have a skilled staff with years of experience in networking, security and encryption.
  • They run a safe and stable service with very few interruptions.

Read Anonine reviews below.

  1. I won a one month gift (trial)
    of anonine vpn
    it’s really greay
    i have tested hideip vpn: great
    it’s hidden : very fast and reliable (& free!!!!)
    now with anonine i had a good surprise
    it’s even faster and reliable than others
    (but i have to say that i had changed my dns for more speed)

  2. Very fast speed, the drop in speed compared to my real connection is hardly noticeable all ports can be used. They don’t forbid any type of application unlike some other vpn. The installation with windows 7 was easy, just need to remember to set the type of vpn in the security tab from automatic to pptp.

  3. Hi,

    All in all, it’s good with no slow-downs in speed.
    Only problem, it seems to “choke” some times, like it looses connection (thus, leaking true identy?). When this happens, pages don’t get resolved & you have to try again. In rare occations, you have to disconnect & reconnect for it to get going again.
    Other than this, it does a very good job.
    But I don’t know how serious this choking business is in terms of security/ privacy.

    If I would pay for it? If the chocking does not represent a security/ privacy threat, price is very reasonable for what you get.

    Thanks How To Hide IP for the chance of trying this out.

  4. It’s great. Full IPv6 support, stable, encrypted, etc etc. Incredible for the price, instant and automatic setup.

    My only gripe is it’s bad for me as a US user. Ping between me and the anonine servers (in sweeden) is ~150. So I have to disable it for online games, browsing suffers a little bit but other than that it’s amazing.

  5. I have been using Aninine for the last 3 weeks or so and have been very pleased. I’ve only had 2 connection drops in that time, and in each case was able to reconnect immediately. Throughput has been excellent. I’ve seen no discernible overhead cost to using their VPN service over just running raw. And compared to HotSpotVPN, with which I had many many problems, Anonine has been spectacular. I’d recommend them if you’re looking for a good, easy to use, VPN service.