Astrill VPN

astrill reviewAstrill is a professional fast and secure VPN that protectes your privacy on-line and makes you anonymous all the time while surfing on the net. With Astrill, you can feel safe every time you turn your PC on and you do not have to worry about your personal data being stolen by somebody else.

Astrill makes your internet activity completely covered, not even your ISP will know what sites you have visited. Astrill comes out of the box with UK and USA IPs, which in combination with easy few-step installation and 24/7 support makes it one of the best VPN solutions in the market.


  1. Astrill seems like a good VPN company but, I doubt they have genuine intentions for their customers.

    First of all, I have issues giving out my phone number to strangers, especially online. Astrill asks for phone verification before you can open your account. I have a problem with this and contacted their support department via live chat and the person (Dieter Oberarzbacher) I spoke with told me they request phone numbers for security purposes.

    I told him I will be paying with my CashU account, which is cash and not credit card but, he insisted on phone verification. I suggested email verification (which other companies do) but, he said it is not possible.

    When I insisted on knowing why, he cut off the chat. We are not talking about a financial/bank account here, just a VPN account. CAN ASTRILL TELL US WHY THEY NEED OUR PHONE NUMBERS TO VERIFY A VPN (NOT BANK/FINANCIAL) ACCOUNT???

    Secondly, I ran their astrill-setup-win.exe on VirusTotal and it came back positive with a trojan (Trojan/Win32.OnlineGameHack).
    The details of our chat after I connected the second time you can read below.

    I advise to stay away from this company, they might have a nice website and list of servers but, their intentions are questionable. I won’t trust them one bit.

    I called my friend who sent me the link to their site and told him the issues I found and he deleted their astrill-setup-win.exe from his computer and is cancelling his account.


    System is getting started. [viernes, 11 de marzo de 2011 4:05:53]
    A representative will be connected, please be patient.

    Dieter Oberarzbacher enters the chatroom.

    Dieter Oberarzbacher 4:06:22
    Hello Joe, my name is Dieter Oberarzbacher, how may I help you?

    Joe 4:06:47
    I was talking with you earlier but, it seems you cut off the chat. Concerning ordering.

    Dieter Oberarzbacher 4:07:23
    no, i am here, probably you got disconnected

    Joe 4:07:29
    Okay. I like your website and it seems you guys have good VPN service but, I am not ready to verify a VPN account with my phone number. I know a lot of people won’t either. Is there no way to verify without giving out my phone?

    Dieter Oberarzbacher 4:08:59
    thank you for the comments..
    those are the company┬┤s policies.. you can read more about our privacy policy here

    Joe 4:09:38
    Okay one more thing

    Dieter Oberarzbacher 4:09:55

    Joe 4:10:27
    I tested your VPN software on virus total and it had a trojan. See here:
    what do you have to say about it?

    Dieter Oberarzbacher 4:11:54
    please send that information to our support email here and someone will look into it thank you

    Joe 4:13:39
    It is a security issue, why don’t you forward it to your support dept. is it my duty to do that??? In the meantime, I am signing up with another VPN company. Thank you. And posting the trojan issue in the open forums.

    Dieter Oberarzbacher 4:15:49
    ok, I will forward this to the development department. Thank you

  2. Great VPN service, very easy to use VPN client, your grandma can use it too ! Excellent speeds.Thanks