Banana VPN

Banana VPN allows you to surf the internet anonymously and safely and bypass proxy servers and filters imposed by your ISP, office or school. By using a secure and anonymous connection through our servers in the USA or UK, you can get full internet access in places that censor or block your connection and full protection at open Wifi hotspots.


Banana VPN benefits:

  • USA ,UK & German based static shared IP address
  • Access blocked sites and use Skype, Pandora etc.
  • Watch US TV online at NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS etc.
  • Watch Hulu outside the USA
  • Stay anonymous and secure with 128bit encryption
  • Use on unsecure wifi networks like cafes, hotels etc.
  • No limits on uploads or downloads
  • P2P and other illegal usage it not allowed

Easy to use US, UK or German based accounts are subscription based and cost $14.99 per month or $60 for six months for unlimited internet access.

Read BananaVPN reviews below.

  1. Excellent vpn service. I used both the US and UK services and the speed was very good. The support is also great! Highly recommended!

  2. banana VPN is awesome,i finally can watch hulu outside US,great service man,keep it up.

  3. I think this service is very useful, i love that i can connect to youtube, facebook, and other websites that for some reason are blocked here in China. So i’m very happy with the service, and the support

  4. After getting couple of VPN from other companies, I got VPN (PPTP) this company and it works! Be aware that Open VPN doesn’t works in Iran but PPTP and L2P works over there.