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With BeeVPN you will become completely secure & anonymous on the internet – don’t let anyone log what you are doing – All of your internet traffic gets encrypted – and you don’t have to worry about hackers, administrators or authorities.

There are lots of reasons why you should use BeeVPN – see below for a compilation of six of the main reasons why:

Anonymity; what you do over the net is your business. Nobody should monitor, log or track what you do and where you do it. Using BeeVPN, nobody can see your real IP address. The only thing they see is an IP address belonging to BeeVPN. We do not log your traffic, but we strongly advise you to stay within the laws of your country of residence.

Privacy; All of your network traffic is encrypted with military-grade heavy encryption. It is not possible for any third party to eavesdrop on your communications. In short, no hacker, authority, employer or school network administrator can monitor or log your activity or the contents of your communication. 

Security; nothing is ever 100% secure, but BeeVPN adds immensely to your security when surfing and communicating. All your traffic passes through our Cisco based platform with all the enhanced security embedded in Cisco equipment. Our firewalls prevent attacks and eavesdropping on your connection.

Access to banned and blocked sites; maybe your employer or school doesn’t want you to use Facebook, Skype or other applications and sites. Maybe you are a resident in a country that limits the use of the Internet. By using BeeVPN you can get access to everything, no matter what the network admin does to limit your surfing.

Be safe using public Wifi connections; using public and open Wifi connections is convenient when you need to get online while on the road. Unfortunately, there are numerous risks associated by this form of communication. Using BeeVPN your communication is encrypted from your laptop to our secure gateway and safe from interception.


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  1. I have purchased BeeVpn’s 3 month package, I am in fact using it right now. The VPN is very stable, yet I don’t know how anonymous I am right now. So far doing speedtests from USA to UK server via the connection is at minimum 15mb/s – 1.5mb/s (15 being download and 1.5 being upload), So them are very good results. I do know that there are cheaper vpns out there but the key word is ‘cheap’ and beevpn is nothing but quality.

    Last vpn experience was terrible as the gaming community I used to be on had contacted the vpn service acting to be some sort of security intelligence for a hosting service and the vpn gave out my true ip and revieled some other information, which almost lead to a lawsuit but that’s another story.

    Hopefully BeeVpn doesn’t give out information as easy as that other company, I did read “we do not conceal information unless we have the proper documentation” which I’m not sure how they would even get this form of documentation and or even have time to investigate being in Denmark.

    Anyhow SO FAR this has been a great service and I feel a bit more secure, I just don’t know quite how anon I am on my e-life.

  2. How is their privacy policy, from reading it doesn’t sound like they will protect us at all. What is logged? Do they keep our ip address logs? I known some that do claim they keep roughly 5 days which is ok by me but I prefer after that any connections / sessions / ip logs be deleted. Maybe I am paranoid. If service that will quickly gives you up isn’t worth getting since any of those MPPA/RIAA can serve them letters demanding info about us which ended up we still go to court. Privacy against all this is a must which why we pay for VPN service in first place.

  3. On their site it says that there is no logging what so ever. Atleast it does on the danish version 🙂

  4. I have been using BeeVPN for 3 months now. I have tried most of the providers listed up here and must admit BeeVPN is the best. It uses the same Cisco VPN client as my employer. It dropped connection once over those 3 months, when all other DIY vpns like openvpn could not manage half an hour without dropping. It’s one of those services that you just pay for and use every day and there is nothing to talk about. It just works.

  5. Their speed is lacking but setup was easy. I’m going to try calling customer support to see if they can help. Viewing webpages is ok, but viewing video is noticeably slower and there is no money back guarantee if you can connect to the internet with the service. So if you joined reading about how fast it is only to find out that it’s rather slow for video and games then you’re out of luck. Go with the 3 month option first to see if it’s right for you.

  6. Price: expensive – there exist lots of cheaper vpn’s.
    reliability: fine/great
    Speed: Bad – looks like their servers is located really bad (don’t expect full download/upload speed)
    support: haven’t used it yet, but have heard good thing about it.