Update 5/16/2011 – The service is no longer available!

BitBlinder aims to preserve your privacy and keep your IP address safe from them. It also allows you to avoid most restrictions and filters on you Internet access. BitBlinder supports both BitTorrent and normal web traffic, with more applications coming soon.


BitBlinder mixes your Internet traffic with the traffic of everyone else in the BitBlinder network. That way, no one can can know where you go or what you do online.

Normally, whenever you visit a website, your computer reveals your IP address to the site and anyone else who might be watching. This means that your Internet Service Provider or someone on your wireless network can see everything you do online. Even encryption, which hides the contents of the pages you view, does not prevent this attack on your privacy. These examples apply equally well to BitTorrent where even more third parties (eg peers and trackers) know your identity.