Black VPN

blackVPN provides premium USA,UK and NL VPN (virtual private network) services. Each blackVPN connection is encrypted and totally anonymous on the internet and it helps to keep your activities anonymous and safe.


blackVPN works on all systems.

[Black VPN]

  1. I’ve got this VPN service last month and I was surprised of the Internet speed. It did not slow down the connection. Great job!!

  2. I’ve tested Anonyne and i got some pbs with ddl, so I tested blackvpn and ô miracle, it work great !
    Juste one thing, it’s faster in openvpn than in pptp for me.
    For thoses who are looking for a good vpn here my promotional code : TXVKNQU

  3. used googled to find refe4ral code so 3 months is price of one 5 Euro.
    I installed and it was very easy and works fine. But do not think I will use as speed is so slow. Am in USA and it connect to a Chicago area server there and did s speed test at speed and with BlackVPN download is only 524kbs and up is similar. When I try with no backVPN test days 4MB up and down.

    For torrents only s trying torrent privacy as it uses a special version of uTorrent – yo do not get browsers hiding but torrent hides and speed better that BVPN

    I will contact BlackVPN and see if anything can be done about speed but I doubt it