With BTGuard downloading through BitTorrent becomes 100% anonymous & safe.

Your downloads will be routed through Canada which enforces some of the strictest privacy laws in the world, ensuring the protection of your identity, even from your own ISP!


BTGuard is simple to install and use – just download and install. For more advanced users, you can also configure your own BitTorrent client.

BTGuard features:

  • Simple download & install
  • No records of usage stored
  • Optional 256-bit AES encryption
  • Unlimited download speeds

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  1. Just FYI, BTGuard is NOT a VPN, just a slow Canadian proxy only for Bittorrent traffic.

  2. Just signed up last night. On Windows 7 had some quirkiness with their easy install client, which is uTorrent, but a couple versions behind. Did the advanced install (just changing some config options) in a standard uTorrent install and it worked fine.
    Initial check of new torrents and acqusition of seeds is a bit slower than normal, but afterwards the transfer speeds match watch I was getting before without a proxy.

  3. There support is terrible and I don’t think they understand english.

  4. They advertise that you are completely anonymous…. even to your ISP. WRONG…we received TWO emails from our ISP about downloading copyrighted material. I HONESTLY think these guys are a BAIT company who send your info directly to your ISP. They are a TOTAL rip off!! NOT to be trusted! Getting the warning out there for all the people who need or want to know. Thanks for reading.

  5. I agree with some of the other reviews. Although they now do offer a VPN service it is just as unreliable as the proxy service. Under Windows 7 I kept getting disconnected every 2 hours. I contacted their support 10 days ago but still have received no response.

    Their proxy is only secure when you use the optional Encryption package. I found that the encryption package kept closing all the time with out me knowing it leaving me unprotected.

    I switched to a VPN service out of Sweden that encrypts all ports, including those used by Bit Torrent, and am glad I did.

  6. Im using the bittorrent proxy for months now. and not one problem. Love it. works perfect. as for VPN, dont know! but going on the bittorrent proxy, im sure it must be as good?


  8. Haven’t had a single problem since signing up. Just downloaded a 75mb MP3 collection in less than two minutes. I’m thinking of adding their VPN service, since the torrent proxy works perfectly.

  9. I have signed up for the premium VPN service and the speeds are not too bad, but it only runs for 1 hour and disconnects so I have to log back in again. This is unacceptable for my use so will not renew next month.

  10. Been using their proxy service for a few weeks now with uTorrent, & noticed no difference in speed etc. Everything is working normally. If you go to a site that checks uTorrent while it is running, it will show Canada or some Scandinavian IP instead of yours. You can check that it is working. Also, you can pay with Paypal, so you are pretty anonymous.

  11. I have use BTgaurd for about 6 months now…..It started out with slow downloading. But their speeds have really picked up. It usually only takes me about 30 minutes to download. I have never gotten any emails while using this service. I had gotten an email before this service from a movie company. SInce using this service I redownloaded the same move to see if I would get an email and didnt. You do have to make sure you enable it everytime you start downloading, it doesnt start up immediately. I do occasionally have a problem with my speed and have found that if I simply uninstall and then go to the website and reinstall (and make sure I re-enable the client) there is no problem. It only takes about 3 minutes to do this. And then I go back to downloading movies in about 30 minutes again. This is a great service for $6.95 a month and I have told many friends about it!

  12. uTorrent DID have some leaking on older clients. You need to use the NEWEST verstion of uTorrent 2.2 & set it up correctly. BTGuard now has a page that shows how to set it up with the new improved uTorrent for its socks 5 Proxy service. Files with few shares are still slow, files with LOTS of shares are still fast using their Proxy Service. I also use Bluetack’s Blocklist Manager along with uTorrent built in Encryption (Foreced, & NO legacy connections). So, Proxy, IP Blocking, & Encryption. So far so good.

  13. The service itself is great. I have been using it since the company started a couple of years ago. When they started out they had some problems. Lots of disconnects and unexplainable slowdowns, but they have really gotten their act together with the service and it now works flawlessly.

    HOWEVER their support is and always has been absolutely horrible. If you have any problems you will have to sort them out for yourself. I have sent them 2 or 3 emails in the past asking questions and I think they only responded once. And then they simply referred me to the install instructions posted on the website.

  14. Strange that people are singing the praises of BTGuard using a Scandinavian server, or people switching to Scandinavian providers. Actually Scandinavia is at the fore-front of data snooping. Anything that goes in and out of Sweden for example is open to being sniffed by the internet police.
    Privacy laws in Scandinavia do not exist.

  15. I bought a 3 months package a couple of weeks ago. Sadly, it was a big mistake. Here’s why:
    1. There’s absolutely no support whatsoever. They admit it themselves! On their “support” page it says clearly “Support is available for issues regarding account activation and billing.
    We do not support personal computer problems.” (yeah, great freaking idea when you’re selling a program!).
    2. The speeds are not “unlimited” but VERY limited. I usually get 15mbps in If I’m using BTGuard it goes down to, at best, 4mbps and, on average, to 2.5mbps.

    True, your IP doesn’t reveal your location, but for this speed you might as well just use a PC at your local public library.

  16. it seems like a scam, I do not even know if it works or not (i.e. provides privacy).
    I know that I have been charged USD9 twice in the last two month, yet my account status is still – Awaiting 1st payment, and VPN won’t connect.
    Wrote them twice, asking for clarification, no response.

  17. the service is well worth the piece of mind protection. I’ve been using their proxy service for over 6 months with few complaints. I agree, lots of seeds allows a fast download, but few seeds means a slow download. reliability is ok on windows 2000 and xp. one big problem is incoming connections aren’t supported. I’m about to try their vpn service. not sure if that allows port forwarding, but hoping so.

  18. I’m glad I only paid for one month at $6.95. I’ve wasted more on a bad cheeseburger. Without this ‘service’ i have multiple files download at 200-300k and that’s over WiFi.

    With this turned on the exact same files are 3k. If I reduce to only 2 files downloading at time I am up to 15-20k.

    Slow does not begin to describe the company.

    If someone knows a way to change settings to speed things up I’d love to see ya post ’em.

  19. **SCAM**A few days ago, I downloaded movie using bittorent (deluge) configured to use the BTGuard proxy.
    I just received an email from my ISP stating that there was illicit activity on my account using bittorrent for movie on the specified date. How is it that my ISP and the representatives of movie managed to know what I was doing if BTGuard is securely encrypted? It’s also supposed to be anonymous. How did they know the activity came from my IP address? Needless to say, I just canceled my BTGuard subscription. Hope non of you get caught.

  20. I’ve been using the service for a long while now. I haven’t gotten any notices because my software is properly configured. be absolutely sure yours is properly configured before using it, or labelling it a scam.

    speed can be good at times, 400kbs+, but remember, you’re not paying for speed, you’re paying to be anonymous. beggers can’t be choosers. set it to run over-night, check it in the morning.

    on the down side, their support is almost non-existent.

  21. Slow, unreliable, and bad customer service. Use a seedbox instead