ConnectionVPN has multiple VPN gateways located strategically around the world (currently in the USA and Luxembourg). When connecting, you can choose which country you want to appear to be in (for best speed, we recommend using one that is geographically near you).


This is a fast-growing service, and they are constantly adding more infrastructure, to insure its speed and reliability, but also adding new gateways.

Price: 15 EUR/3 months
Servers: USA, Luxembourg
Protocols: OpenVPN
Bandwith: Unlimited


  1. There is only one gateway, Luxembourg. The maximum speed for me via OpenVPN was 140 kB/s. YouTube and other streaming sites are unusable due to poor latency/low speed. Extremely sluggish browsing. The domain name of the IP they give you has ‘vpn’ in the subdomain, so it’s obvious to anyone that you’re behind the vpn. Not recommended.