Cryptocloud is a premium VPN service that uses the Encryptica NetCloak VPN engine to deliver robust protection from surveillance with NO drop in throughput or speed.

Cryptocloud Main Features

Here are some characteristics of Cryptocloud VPN service:

  • Elegant – so easy to use it seems like magic
  • Fast – you’ll need to double-check to be sure you’re really “in the cloud”
  • Resilient – once you tap into the cryptocloud service, a Java-based client applet will autonomously maintain your secure connection
  • Compatible – with cryptocloud there’s no fiddling with your applications to “cloud-ify” them
  • Low profile – wraps everything in an outside wrapper indistinguishable from plain, old-fashioned HTTPS traffic: secure web bro
  • Powerful – the ease of use we provide sacrifices nothing in raw crypto power
  • Robust – handles the normal, everyday fluctuations of internet traffic


  1. I must say Cryptocloud is unbelievable. I actually have better download speeds and Havent had a drop out yet. Its a little Pricey but, I think I will end up buying the 1year subscription which will help offset the price a lil bit. I wish that i didnt need the service but i have already been flagged twice by my ISP, so my options were limited. I had been using PG2, and still got flagged, so far ive been using the system for a couple of days and it really does feel like there’s nothing running. if your worried about your ISP monitoring you i and your not an IT network guy i would highly recommend CryptoCloud. Happy Downloading.

    also just a side note….if you do get cryptocloud and you first run the program, it does take a min or 2 sync up and get going but once it does its like there’s nothing there…

  2. Marvin Kaboom May 19, 2010 at 2:12 pm

    I have been using CryptoCloud for over a month now and have had no problems at all. Data transport and throughput are excellent with hardly any noticeable difference when compared to your standard (direct) connection.

    A little on the pricey side but happy to pay for a premium service. Highly recommended.

  3. Douglas “Fausty” Spink, the owner of CryptoCloud and TorrentFreedom has been arrested for some pretty serious offenses NOT directly related to the anonymous VPN services. It’s unclear what if any impact this will have on the service. CryptoCloud is still up and running at the time of this post, but the culturghost forum associated with it that had a lot of great support information seems to be down.

  4. What happened to cryptocloud..
    it disappeared 5 days ago,,,,

    can’t get an answer from support…

    does anyone know what is going as been a great service til a few days ago..


  5. I wish I new what has happened to Crytocloud also! This is the second time its gone down in the last four week. They have been ok up to now, but alas, I cant keep waiting around.
    Now looking for an alternative service!

  6. don’t use this service for your own protection,i decided to check my ip address without being connected to cryptocloud and then after connecting to cryptocloud just to make sure i was being protected, guest what!!!! my ip was the same.

  7. Scammers. I signed up for their original service torrentfreedom but cancelled within 3 days due to poor download speeds. Or did I? A year later they were able to reactivate payments through paypal since they only suspended payments and not actually cancelled my subscription. They will scam you if you give them a chance.

  8. On November 3, 2010 mori66 wrote:
    don’t use this service for your own protection,i decided to check my ip address without being connected to cryptocloud and then after connecting to cryptocloud just to make sure i was being protected, guest what!!!! my ip was the same.

    Yeah, you’re a real scientist right (Y)

    Service keeps getting better and better 🙂 user >10 months (with somewhat problems forwarding stuff 😉 )

  9. When it started as TorrentFreedom, it was expensive and extremely slow. I was stupid enough to subscribe for long term. I quickly left once its over. Then it become Cryptocloud. Guess what? I tried for a month last year and again its unreliable and slow but mind you not as slow as torrentfreedom, I would say 5-10% improvement.

    Now recently I talked with a friend who signup as well, well he told me the speed improved a lot compare to what I faced but still slow and very unstable. He had plenty of disconnections! Still think its worthwhile? Maybe in couple of years…

  10. Hi,
    Avoid this provider, when you try to unscribe they keep charging you until you make opposition on your account, that is the only possibility, that is robbery!

  11. Two items I agree with: 1) It’s pricey and 2) Support is difficult to get a response from. However, it does work. My experience has been much slower dl speeds – down from 400 kbps to 100 kbps. Using Internet download speed test websites show little degradation with and without the CryptoCloud vpn enabled. What I have found is that my torrent dl speed is crippled because I cannot use port listening with CryptoCloud’s vpn. I’m still waiting for an answer from them on how to unblock port listening.