CyberGhost VPN

cyberghostCyberGhost VPN gives users a way to surf anonymously and keep their private information from the eyes of others. CyberGhost VPN software provides you with an anonymous IP address and automatically encrypts transmissions between your computer and the web.

CyberGhost client software connects you with an online server via a so-called tunnel that transmits all data in encrypted form, currently giving you 100% protection from eavesdroppers. The Internet pages you visit only see the address of our VPN server, not your private IP address. In this way, you are ensured total anonymity.

The connection occurs in two steps. First a connection is created using 1024-bit SSL encryption. Then a unique 128-bit AES key is produced through which your data transmission takes place.

Read Cyberghost VPN reviews below.

  1. i like it!
    very fast german software which is really simple to use and does the job perfectly!

  2. good good and again, very good!
    damn good servers!
    go with it!

  3. poor support, only german servers so no anonimity.

  4. they have us servers 😉
    i dont know where you have looked,
    and you have full anonymity, i germany it is illegal to store and log any data on users.
    stop puttin out rumours people.
    very good piece of software i can only recommend it.

  5. Very poor. I attempted to purchase it, but you have to go through about six (6) pages of GERMAN. I gave up after 2 and bought another product (Easy Hide IP which is great). I can only assume the people with positive review here can read German.