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hidetheip reviewHide The IP changes your real Internet address while browsing the Web. The software delivers you fresh anonymous proxy servers every time you activate the program. The main benefit of this software is that you can’t be traced while browsing websites. If a website is restricted for users from specified country the program can bypass that protection. By hiding your IP, you will be invisible for marketers, thus, you will prevent any spam mails. You can use web based e-mail to send anonymous e-mail. Post on bulletin boards without displaying your real IP address.


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  1. The proxy list is impressive, you get IPs from countries like Poland, China, Russia, etc. The speed is good.

  2. Hide the ip is a good tool and it easily masks your IP address. I don’t like the short and restricted trial version. I preffer full working trials.

  3. Veselin Georgiev October 15, 2009 at 1:08 pm

    Work Really fast,This is what i need.

  4. Easy to use,I never surf without it.
    The trail is short but give a good idea how it works.

  5. Buyer BEWARE! The support for this product is AWFUL! When I received the email confirmation for my purchase, this was in one of the boxes:

    If you require support with your product(s), AVSoftware can help you with your questions. Please contact AVSoftware at no-reply@hide-the-ip.com.

    Are they kidding? No-reply as the email address?! That’s exactly what their support is like. I called the number on their website and received a voice mail message stating to file a ticket if I wanted to reach them. I have filed 3 tickets with them since I purchased this yesterday. I have received one reply from them that didn’t help AT ALL.

    The speed for a lot of their ips is very slow. When I attempted to use an ip outside of the country, the website I go to comes up blank–even when I used Canada. That also happens with many US ips.

    BEWARE! Go elsewhere!

  6. I just signed up but the order process was very pleasant. I was able to inquire regarding the order status via skype right away and Phil and Alik were extremely helpful. It’s a good start so far. Thanks!

  7. Jumbo89,

    I don’t mean to be rude, but I can;t stand reviews like yours. It is of no value whatsoever. It goes without saying that of course they are going to be helpful when they are trying to get your money, but what happens after that.

    The real litmus test is when the program sh*** itself and how quickly they fix it and what lengths they go to to please you. Tell us about that dear friend.

    Thank you.