Lamnia VPN

Lamnia VPN is a VPN service that enables you to connect to 6 United Kingdom Servers, 2 USA Servers & 1 Canadian Server with either PPTP or L2PT. This way you could watch Hulu, iPlayer and other video streaming sites without problems.


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  1. Utter rubbish, do not even contemplate in using. Low service. Mere resellers of a bad supplier. No 24/7 help.


  2. Ordered at 9.11am Account details received at 9.47am Im blown away. I have waited 3 days for vpn setup from other companies. Used the auto dialer on Windows 7 , works a treat. Connected and watching TV in under5 mins.

    Not used customer support didnt need to which to me is a great sign.

    Very Happy Bunny

  3. I don’t know what simons problem was (march 29 2010), but he certainly isn’t using the same Lamnia that I and lots and lots of other users are using. Superb in all respects. I see that Simon complains without giving any reason. You know what you can do with his “valued” opinion.
    Seriuosly, they are very good and this user will be re-subscribing when the time comes
    well done

  4. forgot to click the stars

  5. I watch all major Uk Tv channels and over the year the only problems I have had were my account was dropped twice by their computer, which was rectified immediately I contacted them. I have just re-subscribed and through my fault paid twice. On contacting customer service they sorted it out immediately.Service doesn’t get better than that. So therefore I highly recommend LAMNIA as I have done to my friends.

  6. Super fast. The fastest VPN I have ever used, no buffering on BBC iplayer. I have tried many VPN’s and this is easily the best. I setup using the auto dilaer which was so easy 5 mins from getting details to watching TV. Excellent service

  7. Friendly and technically knowledgeable live support. I think I am pretty savvy with computers. i had a problem with slow speeds and they found it was firewall on my router. I didnt even know I had a firewall on my router. Speed is now brilliant, watching BBC iplayer in HD very very good work Lamnia

  8. Just does what it says on the tin. fast quick to process.

  9. Lamnia VPN have great service,i use them for WOW,the speed is great,thanks you guys

  10. Got to say i am massively impressed. When I setup myself I got it working but far to slow to watch programs they kept stalling. I went onto their website and spoke to live support. They went through my setup step by step and found a firewall on my router slowing down the VPN.
    When I had created the exception my speed went up to my normal ISP levels.
    If Carlsberg ran live support it would be like this, plus I had a good chat about the cricket!!

  11. I am a businessman and travel a lot. I have my internet to be always fast. I need to be very competent in my job. Lamnia VPN provides me always high-quality internet when I speak through Skype with my colleges. I travel with my family and I am very happy when my son learns German and French by watching online education movies. He can do it everywhere by fast VPN connection. It is much better than he spends his time by doing nothing. VPN is always with my notebook and it provides sending a huge amount of data to my clients.

  12. Started off ok for a couple of weeks and then could no longer connect. Support is non existent. Terrible VPN. I paid for a year and only got a few weeks service. It has now been 4 months since I last managed to connect. Support have ignored my requests for help.

  13. Paid for a month and it was excellent, paid for a year and it has connected about only 10% of the time. When it does connect it is very fast but this does not make up for the almost constant failure and a non-existent customer service.

  14. Have used Lamnia for over a year purchasing month when I needed it. No problem…..BUT……
    Recently purchased 1-year plan- huge problems- very slow customer response- original email from them stated there would be no change to settings. This was entirely incorrect and untrue. When an entirely new username and password combo was issued, this worked for a few days and then stopped. Entirely unsatisfactory and unreliable!! More emails more time wasted- no phone number to call and certainly no quick response. My opinion is now that the 1 month plans are more reliable than the 1 year. When the vpn has connected it has been very good but one cannot rely on this shoddy service- no apologies to date-no excuses- just a lot more hard work for the poor custmer. My honest opinion is that they hope you will give up and they walk off with your money and then you don’t take any precious bandwidth!!! Am I just cynical or what????

  15. Lamnia has very poor customer support we and a couple of friends have had username and password problems Lamnia are very slow to respond suggest people use one of the competetors

  16. I have been using the service for more than 2 years. They have great until recently. The password kept changing and the promised (always online) customer service has become always offline. Have 4 accounts with these people, 2 stopped working & don’t know when the other will stop working. Have recommended to 2 other people, which stopped working as well. There should be some way to get the money back or atleast some sort of legal action. Couldn’t give below than 1 star.