Liberty VPN

vpnA VPN may be used for various reasons. As Wi-Fi hotspots become more popular, many use Liberty VPN because it provides a secure internet connection and therefore protection against online hackers. Some use it for the reason that it is anonymous hence their internet activity cannot be monitored.

People that live or visit countries where internet censorship exists such as China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, e.t.c, use it to access blocked websites. Employees and/or students use our service because of an increasing control of internet browsing from their employers and/or institutions respectively.

It may also be used to override theur Internet Service Providor (ISP) restrictions on certain software such as Skype or Google Talk. Now use Liberty VPN on your Nokia!

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  1. Liberty is fantastic. I’m from the US, living in the UAE and needed a VPN for Skype. The guys were very proactive during the order process and called me to explain the set-up. They respond to my queries immediately and even recommended to me. Very happy with the service!