Update 5/10/2011: This application does not work anymore!

NotMyIP is a FREE tool that help overcome censorship and browse anonymously by hiding your IP address. It  uses only high quality proxies and works with ALL browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, etc). No need for manual configuration or additional plug-ins or add-ons.

The simpler it is – the better it is! Internet users do not have to spend time learning complex strategies to achieve their purpose. They only want to hide IP. Is this too much they’re asking? “Not at all!” thought Privacy-Gateway when started developing NotMyIP. Only press one button and the real IP is hidden. A new (fake) IP will guarantee users anonymous web surfing while hiding IP. What can be easier that this? And to make it even better, NotMyIP uses an exclusive list of premium proxies in order to provide a new IP.


  1. NotMyIP worked for me very well for a while. Now seems that the proxies are not working. I wait for an update. Anyway it is worth a try before looking to other solutions.

  2. Version 1.1 does not work very well for me. The browser hangs from time to time and the proxies are slow. Waiting for future versions …

  3. Quit working all of a sudden on Nov 7 2009

  4. I tried to trial “NotMyIp” however my Norton 360 picked a number of viruses.
    In the end I could not even trial this product.

    I wrote to their Support for help, they never even bothered to reply.

  5. Norton said its a virus when I tried to install.