Skydur VPN


Skydur encrypts your connection. With highly encrypted connection you are protected from your ISP monitoring, Wi-Fi hackers (feel safe again on unsecured Wi-Fi), identity thieves, the giant spies like Google, Yahoo and AOL, government censorships, collage and corporate firewalls and filtering software.

Skydur bypasses all monitoring and filtering, feel freedom on the internet again.


  1. I wouldn’t recommend Skydur to anybody for the following reasons:
    *it’s slow (I get max speed 100kb/s on a 2M connection – but usually 5-40kb/s. That’s usually not fast enough to watch youtube videos
    *their customer service is terrible. They ignored 2 of my emails and rudely replied to my third with useless information.
    *their software is rubbish. It forgets my username and password every time and it redirects me to Skydur’s “recommend a friend” page every time I sign in – this has often led to me loosing information on the page I was previously browsing.
    Plus, users should be aware that by using Skydur’s software, it will only give you a VPN connection through your browser. Don’t get a false sense of security thinking that your chat, email and other programs are safely encrypted! They won’t be.