Arovax SmartHide

Arovax SmartHide is a perfect solution for the biggest online problem – Complete Anonymity and Protection while staying Online.

It has 2 Core features:

1) It protects your identity by hiding your IP address;
2) It encrypts your current network connection.

This unique program will keep your IP address (and your identity) hidden; secure all the protocols on your PC (E-mail, Web-browsing, Instant Messaging, P2P, etc); provide full encryption of your traffic while working in the Internet, and a lot more.


SmartHide has a very easy-to-use interface and is very simple in use for regular internet surfer. It’s not intended to change IP address many times, but to hide IP address using one of secure servers to give every user a protected anonymous surfing.

SmartHide has only guaranteed “free of dust” IPs. All sent and received data is encrypted. Nobody can see a real IP address and information that a user surfs or downloads from the Internet.


  1. I like Arovax SmartHide very much. It is very gratifying to find a company today that is as interested in providing service as they are in selling the product.