SwissVPN offers encrypted VPN tunnel from your computer to a Swiss computer centre in Zurich. By using SwissVPN your traffic will safely tunnel all wireless and wired networks using encrypted VPN and you’ll surf the Internet from Switzerland.


You will receive a (dynamically assigned) public IP address for the duration of your connection to SwissVPN.

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  1. I would suggest you to think twice before you send your money to these guys.
    I’ve subscribed for them in less than two hours from the time of writing this comment.
    I was using another VPN provider and put my French email while signing up for the service (I love my email address ending in .fr).
    I am living in Bulgaria and my VISA is registered in Bulgaria.
    My first payment was rejected because I had insufficient money to pay for two months of VPN service. Well, I paid for one month.

    In less than an hour I got disconnected and my user login information has been rejected. I mailed back SwissVPN customer support and they told me that my money had been refund because of « discrepancy between the information you have entered and your registered card details ».
    I mailed them back with a copy of my VISA Electron and my EU ID card. In a few minutes I had another reply that it was a mistake and they flagged my payment because of « French mailaddress, purchase in Luxembourg, usage in Bulgaria, first purchase attempt denied, second with lower amount passed ».

    Be aware while sending your money to these guys, as they will probably not trust you and flag your account if you subscribe using email address hosted in France, while being connected from VPN server based in Luxembourg.

  2. i’m using swissvpn and it’s working great, never had any problems, love the servers, speed and the easy way for signing up, paid by poaypal and no probs at all