Unblock VPN


Do you use the public Wi-Fi HotSpots with your laptop, iPhone, or other smartphone? You probably read or send your emails, use your instant messenger or access your online data. Do you know that the wireless connection between your device and the public Wi-Fi HotSpot found in coffee shops, airport, hotels, libraries, etc., is not encrypted. This means the stranger sitting besides you might be sniffing the air and read all your personal data like emails, messages, passwords, card numbers, etc.

Unblock VPN protects all your personal data from being stolen by password sniffers.

Unblock VPN helps you to bypass all restrictions. You simply connect to our VPN servers using secure encrypted tunnel and we let you access 100% freedom internet. Your will get European public IP. You will uso just one regular encrypted connection to our VPN server and all your date will be hidden inside. You no longer need to use a proxy site.

[Unblock VPN]

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