Bypass Internet Filters

Whether you’re connecting to the Internet from a country that enforces internet filtering or trying to sidestep pre-installed software on your computer, WOW VPN allows you to connect to UK based system so you appear to be browsing from the UK, where there are no such filters in place.


Increase gaming performance

Using WOW VPN for online multiplayer gaming can increase performance and dramatically decrease internet/gaming latency, especially if you are playing users within the EU (European Union), or indeed other gamers using WOW VPN.

Unblock websites overseas

With WOW VPN you’re able to visit websites which are normally blocked by your ISP, or websites which aren’t usually available to visitors outside of the UK such as BBC iPlayer. There are no browsing restrictions when using WOW VPN.


  1. I was recommended wow vpn by a friend of mine who rated very highly, after trying it out I was impressed by how easy it was to setup and start using. Overall the service has been very good. I have experienced some disconnections from time to time but no more than can be expected (probably from my end). The speed of the VPN is also very fast. I’ve tried a few different proxy services and can say this for me is by far the best. 10/10

  2. Great service, ability to select your connection within a long list of servers worldwide for the same price. I can also choose the type of encryption I need